How to create an EC2 instance on AWS and connect to it via terminal

This is a tutorial for creating a new instance on aws. If you are new to aws, then this video will help you get started on aws.

I list down here the steps which I have covered in the video.

1. Select the Region which is nearest to you. I have selected here EU-WEST-1, but you are free to select any one which is near to you.

2. Then select the OS family. I have selected here Amazon Linux 1. The reason is, its managed by amazon. So it is more secured than plain centos.

3. Select the instance type. For testing purpose, I have just selected t2.micro which falls into free tier. But you are free to choose what every instance type matches your demand.

4. Set a security group. Its important to open ports which will be used. Like port 22, 80, 443. All other ports should be turned off by default. For port 22 only give access to your IP to have a more security on your instance.

5. Select storage EBS as the root volume.

6. Create a key pair for that instance to connect from your terminal.

7. Once you have completed all the steps then review again. If ok then proceed next. An instance will be created for you.

8. Once your instance is up and running then you will see an green icon in your EC2 instance list. Grab the instance IP / URL. Then connect it from your terminal.

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