The Best DevOps Books: Your Ultimate Guide in 2024

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DevOps books are a great way to learn about the evolving world of DevOps. The books listed below will give you a solid foundation in the principles and practices that make up this exciting and ground-breaking field. As a bonus, we’ve included books on related topics such as IT operations, systems engineering, automation, Agile development, and more.

The Best DevOps Books: Your Ultimate Guide

DevOps For Dummies.

DevOps For Dummies is an awesome book to learn about DevOps. This book gives you an overview of the main concepts, including how to use automation and feedback loops to improve your development process.

Ansible for DevOps: Server and configuration management for humans

Ansible is an important tool for DevOps. Ansible for DevOps will teach you how to use this automation tool, including setting up playbooks and writing your modules. The book also covers configuration management theory—you can learn about the different approaches used by other tools such as Puppet and Chef before learning specific details relating to Ansible itself.

Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes: Building, Deploying, and Scaling Modern Applications in the Cloud.

Kubernetes is a new tool for DevOps to manage containers. This book will teach you how to use Kubernetes for cloud-based deployments, as well as how it works under the hood.

The author starts by explaining what containerization is and why it’s so important, before moving on to specific tools like Docker and Kubernetes that make deploying applications in modern environments possible.

You’ll then learn about popular DevOps practices such as continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD), including using Jenkins with your team, working with feature branches, merging code into production after successful tests—and more!

Learning DevOps: The complete guide to accelerating collaboration with Jenkins, Kubernetes, Terraform, and Azure DevOps.

Learning DevOps can help you get knowledge on Jenkins, Kubernetes, Terraform, and Azure DevOps. These books will teach you how to implement continuous integration (Jenkins), containerization (Kubernetes), infrastructure as code (Terraform), and a lot more!

This book is perfect for any experience level with Jenkins, from beginner to advanced users looking for best practice guidance on accelerating collaboration. You’ll learn about popular DevOps practices such as CI/CD using Jenkins with your team, working with feature branches, merging code into production after successful tests—and so much more!

Docker for Developers: Develop and run your application with Docker containers using DevOps tools for continuous delivery.

Docker is the most important tool for a DevOps team and Docker for Developers is the best book to start learning it. You’ll learn how to use DevOps tools such as Vagrant, Packer, Puppet, Ansible, and Jenkins with your team using Docker containers.

This book walks you through creating a simple website in NodeJS from scratch within a few chapters so that by the end of this book you will know how all those pieces fit together!

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional: Technology Workbook.

If you want to be an AWS certified DevOps Engineer then this is the right book for you.

This book will provide step-by-step guidance to prepare and pass the AWS DevOps Professional exam on the first attempt.

The best thing I liked about this book is that it provides a clear explanation of every topic required for DevOps certification without mentioning too many details like some other books on the same subject matter.

Mastering Kubernetes

This is one of the best books on Kubernetes. I bought the hard copy and read it to learn about Kubernetes and DevOps. Kubernetes has become a fundamental technology for cloud computing, so people who want to become DevOps should learn Kubernetes.

This book will help you to become a ninja about Kubernetes. It not only discusses Kubernetes but also discusses how you run and deploy it in popular public clouds like AWS, Azure, or GCP.

If you want to truly learn about Kubernetes then I suggest you should read this book.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DevOps book?

A DevOps book is a book that covers the principles, methodologies, and toolsets of DevOps automation.

DevOps books are now some of the best books available on this list for learning about DevOps practices.

The idea behind all these books is to make you understand how different pieces come together to form an automated system that can be used by engineers across organizations without having them worry about infrastructure management tasks like provisioning servers or configuring cloud resources etc.

Is it possible for me to pass the AWS Certified Developer exam on the first attempt?

Yes! This question has been asked many times by other users as well so I would suggest reading reviews about this book before making your final decision. Some people have mentioned they have passed on their first attempt while others have failed.

What should I study for DevOps?

It would be best if you read books that have a good mix of both operations and development topics. You can find a list below:

  • Linux Administration books
  • DevOps books
  • Programming books
  • AWS Books

How do I teach myself DevOps?

To learn DevOps by yourself, I would recommend reading books that have a good mix of both operations and development topics. I have listed down a few books above that might help you learn DevOps.

Also, there are many helpful YouTube Channels that you can follow to learn DevOps by yourself. A couple of them I mention below

Apart from books and YouTube videos, you can learn DevOps by reading blogs as well. This will help you to get knowledge from experienced DevOps with their real-life work scenarios.

What is AWS in DevOps?

AWS is a cloud computing service. It provides resources to build, deploy, and manage software applications in the AWS Cloud without any hassle of managing your hardware or infrastructure.

What are DevOps interview questions?

The most frequently asked DevOps interview questions are:

  • How does cloud computing help in writing code?
  • What is SaaS and PaaS?
  • Explain Continuous Integration ( CI ) and Continuous Delivery ( CD ).
  • What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

-What tools do you use for testing?

-What is a container?

-What is Kubernetes?

What is DevOps salary?

This varies based on experience and geographical location. However, as a general rule of thumb, entry-level DevOps Engineers will earn anywhere from $80k – $115k and those with experience can expect to bring home around $120K+.

Does DevOps need coding?

Yes, they do! DevOps engineers need to be able to code and understand how it works. This is because most of their job involves automation using scripts coded in various programming languages such as Python or Ruby etc.

If you want a career in DevOps then yes coding would certainly help you get there much faster than if you don’t know any coding at all.

You can brush up on your skills by taking online courses and reading blogs.


We hope this list has been helpful in your quest to find the best DevOps books. Which of these titles have you read? What did you think? Are there any other books from our list that we missed and should add to the reading stack for newbies, veterans, or everyone else in between? Please share with us below!

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