Build an AWS S3 and Git Repo with CloudFormation

Did you know that it is possible to create an AWS S3 and Git repo using CloudFormation in AWS? You can do this with the help of a template that we have already created! This blog post will show you how.

What is the CloudFormation template?

CloudFormation templates are a great way of automating the deployment and configuration of your AWS resources. If you’re deploying an application, for example, it’s often beneficial to store all files in one central location to ensure they can be easily updated across environments. This is where the CloudFormation template comes in handy!

    "AWSTemplateFormatVersion": "2010-09-09",
    "Description": "Create Git Repo and S3 bucket ",    
    "Parameters": {
        "ProjectName": {"Type": "String"}
    "Resources": {        
        "s3Bucket": {
            "Type": "AWS::S3::Bucket",
            "Properties": {
                "AccessControl": "Private"                
        "gitrepo": {
           "Type": "AWS::CodeCommit::Repository",
           "Properties": {
              "RepositoryDescription": "This is a dashboard project",
              "RepositoryName": {"Ref": "ProjectName"}
    "Outputs": {
        "Bucketname": {
            "Description": "Bucket name",
            "Value": {"Ref" : "s3Bucket"}
        "GitRepo": {
            "Description": "Git repo name", 
            "Value": {"Ref": "gitrepo"}

A detailed video is provided here.


Now that you have learned how to create an AWS S3 and Git Repo with CloudFormation, we hope you will share your experience in the comments below. Have any questions about these resources? Leave a comment or reach out via email at [email protected]

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