How to Setup Plesk on AWS

This tutorial demonstrates how to setup Plesk on your AWS account, which is a server management tool similar to WHM/cPanel and quite popular.

Why do you want to Install Plesk?

Plesk is a commercial web hosting and server data center automation software with a control panel developed for Linux and Windows-based retail hosting service providers. Wikipedia

According to Datanyze, Plesk is used more than 634,254 websites worldwide. So now we know that, Plesk is a server management software, the next question is why do we need to install it?

Basically, when you create a new instance with Ubuntu / Amazon Linux, you actually don’t take any server management software. All you need to do via shell with command prompt. Like create a new virtual host or assigning a new domain to a folder, these types of tasks you have to do it via SSH if you don’t have installed any server management software.

Plesk is a handy tool that you can use to manage your commercial web hosting and allow your customers to do a lot of the tasks from a web interface. So this is one of the main reasons that you should learn how to install Plesk on your EC2 instance.

How to Install Plesk

Now you know about Plesk, Next question is how you are going to install Plesk. I have shown here, how you can find the Plesk AMI in the marketplace.
I have also displayed, how to connect to your server after creating the instance from AMI.

One tip for those who want to use Plesk in AWS for their hosting business is to use an elastic IP address. Otherwise, every time when the server reboots, you will get a new IP address, and then you need to change your A records for all the domains which you have linked to your server.


So in summary, if you want to do hosting business commercially then Plesk is a nice software which you can use to manage your hosting business and give your clients a web interface to manage all there files/database from there. At this time of writing, more than 634,254 websites usages Plesk as their server management software. So it’s better to know how to set up Plesk in AWS so that you can start your own hosting business or can work for a hosting company as a system administrator.

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