AWS Essentials for beginners

Why should you Learn AWS

According to Wikipedia, Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon providing on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. The AWS technology is implemented at server farms throughout the world and maintained by the Amazon subsidiary. AWS owns a dominant 33% of all cloud (IaaS, PaaS) while the next two competitors Microsoft and Google have 18%, 9% respectively according to Synergy Group.

So statistics show that AWS is the leading in the cloud computing arena and it’s by far way ahead compared to its two nearest competitors. Cloud computing is the hot discussion point in the tech community now and AWS is leading it. Nowadays more and more big corporates are migrating their whole infrastructure into AWS, which creates a huge demand for AWS professionals globally.

This course is designed to teach following topics. Click here to get the secret tips on AWS Certification exams. 

  • IAM
    • IAM best practices
    • Create a group in IAM
    • Create a user in IAM
    • Set password policy
    • Enable MFA
    • Create billing alarm
  • EC2
    • Create Instance
    • Generate PPK file and connect to the instance using putty
    • Take snapshot
    • Elastic IP
    • Increase EBS volume
    • Create a Security Group
    • Create Auto Scaling load balancer
    • Create a Lifecycle Policy
  • RDS
    • create instance MySQL
    • create instance aurora
    • create snapshot
    • restore from snapshot
    • increase disk space
    • assign a security group to RDS
  • S3
    • create a bucket
    • setup web hosting in s3
    • Different storage class in S3
    • setup CORS in S3
  • SNS
    • How to create an SNS topic
    • How to add a new recipient
    • Test and SNS topic
  • CodeCommit
    • Create a repo
    • Create a branch
    • Commit files
  • CodeDeploy
    • Create a deployment application
    • Create a deployment group
  • CodePipeline
    • Create a code pipeline to ec2
    • setup CI/CD pipeline
  • VPC
    • CIDR Block
    • create a VPC
    • Create an internet gateway
    • Create public subnet
    • Create private subnet
    • Nat instance 
    • Nat Gateway
  • Systems Manager
    • How to set up systems manager
    • Create a role and assign to EC2 instance
  • CloudFront
    • Create a CloudFront CDN for the website
    • Create a CloudFront CDN for the S3 bucket
  • CloudWatch
  • SES
  • Trusted Advisor
  • CloudTrail
  • QuickSight
  • Lambda
  • Elasticbeanstalk 
  • SQS
  • API Gateway
  • CloudFormation
  • Security in AWS
  • AWS Organizations
  • AWS Lex, Polly, Transcribe
  • Athena, Macie, AWS Secrets manager 
  • Consolidate Billing
  • Personal Health Dashboard, Service Health Dashboard 
  • Exam Topic Discussion
    • Cloud Practitioner
    • Solutions architect associate
    • SysOps administrator

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Atiqur Rahman

I am MD. Atiqur Rahman graduated from BUET and is an AWS-certified solutions architect. I have successfully achieved 6 certifications from AWS including Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect, SysOps Administrator, and Developer Associate. I have more than 8 years of working experience as a DevOps engineer designing complex SAAS applications.

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